Anyone interested in technology, the future and sustainability (in all dimensions) or just curious and wondering how we should react to a whole new world of solutions and features should see this video:

It is a technological solution already present and working in many Chinese public canteens (government, schools, universities, etc.) and companies and that works like this:

1 – Face Recognition (account linked to WeChat or card for payment);

2 – Smart tray (connected at face recognition);

3 – Smart Cookware (with weight and temperature sensors);

4 – Smart tray counter (with weight sensors and recognition of pans and trays);

5 – The user places the tray in front of each pan;

6 – The system calculates the quantity of food and presents the final cost (and charges);

7 – The system calculates the nutritional values of each meal and adjusts to personal data, advising diets or larger quantities of certain foods;

8 – Only pay what you put on the plate.

It is a revolution in every way!

Powered by Face Recognition, with all privacy concerns it is certain, but with advantages related to environmental sustainability, combating waste, economy, health, risk detection and other unimaginable that Artificial Intelligence and data analysis will allow us unveiled, can contribute to improving the lives of students, citizens and staff.

Note: It should be the responsibility of companies (and universities) that want to sell smart city services and consultancy to cities implement, within their own facilities, effectively intelligent and innovative systems rather than kidding startups and innocuous solutions so often. It is unacceptable that multinational companies (and not only) want to impose innovative and disruptive solutions on cities, governments, and citizens, and many continue to live in the 19th century.

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Do we really live in a smart environment or some are just pretending?

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