The past few weeks have been challenging for citizens and governments. The confinement because of COVID-19 brought half of the world’s population a new reality and forced them to change their daily habits.

The quarantine, justified as “necessary” to avoid a hecatomb of the countries’ national health systems, proved to be the most absurd social experience of the last decades and generated new brave forms of fraternization (more digital), new propitious moments for reflection and spiritual emancipation.

But curfew and social distance also show a broken city, shattered with its foundations at risk. There is no contact, no movement, no chaos.

We all hope that it will be for a short time, and we hope that returning to busy days is also an opportunity to change some things for good and increase global awareness of the challenges we have to face in the future.

This could be the opportunity to get hands-on truly smart projects in our cities and towns. Include sustainable development strategies in the territories and benefit from technology, when necessary, to organize and make services and support structures for citizens, companies, tourists, etc. more efficient.

This is and must be, the time to act towards a more balanced and just society. Fight corruption, ignorance, and darkness, through transparency, knowledge, science, and enlightenment.

Use creativity, culture, and art to boost respect and love for others. Valuing humanism and reinforcing ethics by promoting solidarity and fighting inequalities.

This is the opportunity. The path is within reach.

Get in touch with our experts and let’s build the Smart City together.

The path of intelligence
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