Global movement based in Portugal promotes manifest based on ethics and transparency for the future of smart cities.

The ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES Association (ZGSC), formed in 2018, is composed of experts, scholars, academics, former governors, and professionals from different areas and from all over the globe.

Recently, new members were added, especially the former president of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and one of the most renowned researchers in Artificial Intelligence and Computing, Arlindo Oliveira, as well as Tim Vieira, entrepreneur and investor famous for his participation in the television program. Shark Tank. Other new members featured include, for example, Piero Pelizzaro (Chief Resilience Officer of the City of Milan), Mei Wen (Venture Catalyst active in the Nordics, Silicon Valley, Israel, and Greater China regions), Rhonda Binda (Executive Director of the Jamaica Business Improvement District, New York), António Pires (was responsible for IBM Portugal for smart cities), among others. You can find the list of the members here.

The ZGSC was created with the aim of incorporating experience, creativity, and competence in smart city projects, supporting municipalities, companies, startups, and other organizations that share the same principles of ethics and transparency in the management and use of public resources.

In recent months, the Association’s work has focused on spreading a message of optimism for the future, advocating the need for a consistent and multisectoral action plan and strategy.

During this year, and as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, ZGSC has promoted several online events, with the next scheduled for this Friday.

In Portugal, the Association seeks cities, startups, and partner companies that wish to participate in a credible and independent process for the social and economic development of communities based on innovation, ethics, and creativity.

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