Global movement based in Portugal signs protocol with Portugal-China SME CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

The ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES Association (ZGSC), formed in 2018, includes experts, scholars, academics, former mayors, and professionals from different areas and backgrounds from all over the globe, recently, signed another cooperation protocol with a respectable entity in Portugal. In this case, with the Portugal-China SME CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

The signature was carried out by the heads of the respective associations: Vitor Pereira, Executive Director of ZGSC, and Y Ping Chow, President of CCPC-PME.

The protocol between the two associations aims to promote sustainable urban social progress and strengthen the defense and awareness of citizenship rights and inclusion through smart cities and business intelligence processes with a view to the economic progress of companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and other commercial and business entities. It’s one of the objectives to create and establish a strategic partnership and create common ground to interactions between Chinese Companies and Portuguese institutions interested in Smart Cities and vice-versa.

CCPC-PME’s main objective is to build an information and communication platform for Portuguese and Chinese SMEs, through this platform, to strengthen cooperation between Portuguese and Chinese SMEs, together to increase trade and exchanges, to promote, as well as to strengthen the economy and business, to make due contributions to the cooperation between Portugal and China.

The ZGSC was created with the aim of incorporating experience, creativity, and competence in smart city projects, supporting municipalities, companies, startups, and other organizations that share the same principles of ethics and transparency in the management and use of public resources. In recent months, the Association’s work has focused on spreading a message of optimism for the future, advocating the need for a consistent and multisectoral action plan and strategy. In Portugal, the Association seeks cities, startups, and partner companies that wish to participate in a credible and independent process for the social and economic development of communities based on innovation, ethics, and creativity. 

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