SMART CITIES: the 2020 gathering

After years talking and promoting smart cities, why aren’t we there yet? Maybe because the reality of our cities is far more complex than expected. The smart city is not a product anymore, it has turned into philosophy and this is the moment to rethink some approaches.

Citizens, businesses, and administrations have now the chance to start working together for a much better city, efficient, sustainable, open and tolerant, creative and with opportunities for all.

If you’re interested to know how this journey can start and never end, you can’t lose this amazing online event we are preparing with some of our distinguished members and associates sharing their experiences and inspiring us all.

Join this Smart Cities ‘gathering’ with amazing speakers for the whole afternoon of June 12th.

Check the program:

14h45 – Welcome and introduction

15h00 – The urgency for smart, creative, healthy and sustainable cities with Carlos Neves (ZGSC President)

15h15 – Smart Cities…are we there yet? with Joe Dignan

15h45 – Smart and Sustainable Cities: the Role of Governance and Innovation Policy with Nicholas You (ZGSC Chairman)

16h15 – How cities can become startups and disrupt the model with Tim Vieira

16h45 – The Importance of well-being and spiritual health in cities with Mei Wen

17h15 – The Global Association to build Gnostic and enlightened smart cities final remarks with Vitor Pereira (ZGSC Executive Director)

17h30 – Questions and Debate

SMART CITIES: the 2020 gathering


Jun 12 2020


Lisbon Time
2:45 pm

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