We help cities, companies and all kinds of organizations to work with new concepts related to smart cities. We develop inclusive Action Plans and Roadmaps with very objective goals for each case. We produce the time matrix and look for financing resources that can guarantee a solid and intelligent execution.

Before taking a step forward to a complex adventure in any area should be a priority to find projections and scenarios as well as data and nuclear information that support the decision-making and contribute to the project’s success in a sustainable, balanced and solid way.

We produce and curate content to a very exclusive and demanding audience promoting awareness and distributing knowledge through the best practices and real success cases though we also need to point out the pains, pitfalls and bad examples.



Events & Inspiration

Our members are recognized and worldwide renowned not only for their CV but especially for the works they’ve been developing for years in the most diverse areas. A Smart City is not exclusively technology but already touching to all social and economic sectors, so you can rely on ZGSC experts to add value to your projects.

We only have ‘individual’ associates and, in the case of smart cities, it’s important to guarantee transparency and credibility in the consultancy proposals respecting the most valuable foundations for the future results of the planned investments.

We promote some of the most inspiring events related to Smart Cities, and we can bring some of the best keynotes and speakers directly to your community in innovative models that fit your strategy and purpose. We promote debates, workshops, seminars, and conferences in all smart cities topics directed to a specific audience or general. We partner with other events around the world.

Project Management



We take care of the management and organize all the processes related to smart cities in any part of the globe. Our multidisciplinary teams focused on collective goals will work to achieve the best results not only for the present project but to keep it running for the future along with the city administration and other stakeholders.

Without ideas, it gets hard to do anything. We are the ideal partners to search – together with other stakeholders and partners – for disruptive, innovative and creative ideas to develop new processes or improve the current ones matching each city’s needs and challenges.

Global advances towards progress happen to innovate and achieve disruption and improvement of archaic or inefficient processes. We implemented a whole methodology of innovation and disruption at all times when planning and developing smart city strategies.

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