José Teixeira


Telecommunications Engineer from UC, more than 15 years of experience in the private sector managing ICT projects and departments.

Former general director of Technology and Innovation of the Santander City Council directing and managing the European projects in which the City Council itself participated, directing the innovation projects that were implemented in each city service, preparing technical specifications for public tenders and evaluating them up to its final award, direction and development of Santander as a Smart City.

Technical direction of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities coordinating all the technical work that was carried out in it. Chairman of the Subcommittee on definition and indicators of the Smart City of the AENOR standardization committee 178 in which the definition and requirements of a Smart City have been implemented, as well as the standard for city scorecard indicators.

Commercial Director and Business Development of CIC Consulting Informático de Cantabria.

Currently, president of the Patrimonial of the Official College of Technical Telecommunications Engineers.

Former General Director of Expansion of UVAX Concept.


José Teixeira
  • Location: Spain